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Compassionate post-disciplinarity

Datum: 2016-10-20
Tid: 13:00-16:30
Plats: Karlstad
Arrangör: Karlstad universitet
Typ: Seminar

Compassionate post-disciplinarity

Nina Lykke is professor emerita of Gender and Culture, Unit of Gender Studies, Department of Thematic
Studies, Linköping University. She has a long and outstanding academic career behind her, but also many productive years ahead. Her scholarly work has vitalized feminist theorizing, writing and methodology across and beyond disciplines.

Nina Lykke has published extensively with over twenty books and numerous journal articles and book chapters. Equally important is her feminist entrepreneurship in the capacity of initiator, organizer, and director of several Nordic and International Centres of Excellence, research networks, research projects, and research schools.

Nina Lykke has also been a truly important colleague, mentor, and supervisor in the Nordic and international gender studies community with her never ending enthusiasm and passionate scholarship.