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Redefinining Nordic Feminism

Datum: 2016-03-05
Tid: 14:00-15:30
Plats: Stockholm
Typ: Meeting

Redefinining Nordic Feminism

The discussion will start with a presentation by Swedish journalist Wendy Francis about her new podcast ”Arga flickor” (”Angry girls”) followed by a discussion about antiracist feminist strategies in the Nordic countries.

How is the antiracist feminist activism and methods effected by the political context in the Nordic countries? What are the biggest challenges right now and how do we tackle them together?

Wendy Francis, Sweden Nazila Kivi, Denmark
Violeta Yañez Hidalgo, Denmark
Maryan Abdulkarim, Finland
Warda Ahmed, Finland
Amany El Gharib, Norway
Begard Reza, Norway
Danielle Lindholm, Åland
Moderator: Kristin Tran, Sweden/Brussels

ABF Stockholm
Sveavägen 41, 111 83 Stockholm