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PhD Research Project Opportunity- Ageing in sport: Challenging women’s invisibility

Datum: 2015-02-01 - 2018-02-01
Plats: Glasgow
Arrangör: Glasgow School for Business and Society
Typ: PhD-course

PhD Research Project Opportunity- Ageing in sport: Challenging women’s invisibility

Glasgow Caledonian University
PhD Research Project Opportunity

Please note that as this project is not funded by a University studentship, the successful candidate will be required to source external funding for the research degree fees and living expenses while studying at the university.

Project Reference Number:
A reference number will be allocated once the project is accepted for promotion on the website. Leave blank for now.

School/Institute/Research Group:
Glasgow School for Business and Society http://www.gcu.ac.uk/gsbs/research/

Research Discipline:
Sociology and History

Research Theme:
Sport and Identities
Citizenship and participation
Active Living

Project Title:
Ageing in sport: Challenging women’s invisibility

Research Project Summary:
What is the nature of the research area or problem in layman’s terms?
This PhD studentship would fill a gap in knowledge about the role played by sport, historically but also throughout the lifecourse of current cohorts of older women, in shaping how we understand women’s ageing. Since the late 1990s sport and physical activity have become recognised as activities yielding positive physical and psychological benefits (Goggin and Morrow 2001), for individuals. This has been translated into official recommendations for physical activity specifically designed for different age groups, in particular adults aged 65+ (WHO 2012). These recommendations have been published in response to the evidence that participation in sport and physical activity diminishes with increasing age, a trend which is more acute for women. However evidence is now available in social science that women who do engage in sport and physical activity enjoy a range of aspects – comradeship, competitiveness, a sense of focus and purpose and even a measure of notoriety in their social networks (Dionigi and O’Flynn 2007). These positive developments must however be understood within the continued cultural marginalization of older women’s bodies via their enfeeblement (Tulle 2008a) on the one hand, and, on the other, the invisibility of their sporting engagements, especially in relation to men’s.
What is the aim of the research student project?
To explore the history of the place of sport in older women’s lives. Interrogate its potential role in transforming the dominant discourse of old age and ageing (Tulle 2008b). Bring to the fore older women’s experiences of sport, either as spectators or as practitioners.
What value is the solution? What will it produce that will help: people’s well-being/science/society/economy? What impact will it have?
Give voice to older women via sport. Improve the legitimacy of older women’s sporting engagement.

Supervisory Team:
DOS: Dr Fiona Skillen, Business Management, GSBS

Second supervisor: Dr Emmanuelle Tulle, SSMJ, GSBS

Third supervisor: TBC

Staff Contact:
Dr Fiona Skillen
Lecturer Sport/Event Management