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North Africa Field Representative based in Amman

Datum: 2017-04-02
Plats: -
Arrangör: Kvinna till kvinna
Typ: GenderJob

North Africa Field Representative based in Amman

The primary responsibilities will be to work and support our local partner organizations by networking and exchanging experiences within the region as well as with our other partner countries. This work requires close contact with existing and potential partner organizations, follow-up and dialogue with regard to their operations and development.

Work tasks include reviewing applications and reports from partner organizations, conducting close follow-up visits at organizations, as well as planning and arranging seminars, courses, field trips, etc. to strengthen the capacity of partner organizations to facilitate changes in their societies/communities. As Field Representative, you will be involved in developing strategies and planning for field work, writing analytical operations reports and preparing new efforts and decommissions. The work also includes monitoring the external environment as well as information and advocacy work in close collaboration with Kvinna till Kvinna’s Communications Department in Stockholm, Sweden.

The position requires the ability to work both independently and in close collaboration with colleagues in the work team. The Field Representative is included in a larger regional team together with approximately fifteen employees located at the offices in Stockholm, Amman, Jerusalem, Beirut and Erbil. The Field Representative reports to the Deputy Regional Manager and is included in the Field Department managed by the Head of Development Cooperation.