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Joint doctoral position, University of Miland and Lund University

Datum: 2015-08-31
Plats: Lund/Milan
Typ: GenderJob

Joint doctoral position, University of Miland and Lund University

The first three years of support will be at from University of Milan and the fourth and final year of support will be at Lund University. The doctoral student will spend the 1st and 3rd year in Milan and the 2nd and 4th year in Lund. More information is below. The position will be announced on the website of NASP (Network for the Advancement of Social and Political Studies): http://www.nasp.eu/socme-mission-and-partners.html

Coming call for Phd position in Gender Studies and Sociology.

The Department of Gender Studies, Lund University (www.genus.lu.se) would like to announce the coming call for a joint degree doctoral position with the Ph.D. Program in Sociology and Methodology, SOMET at the Graduate School of Sociology and Politics, University of Milan.

The date of the call will be announced in English very soon and the call has just opened in Italian. So if you are interested, you may consider preparing the necessary materials for your application ie transcripts etc. and begin to think and prepare a five page research plan. The current deadline for applications is the 31st of August, 2015.

For further information and updates please check the following website http://www.nasp.eu/socme-mission-and-partners.html You are also welcome to send an email to Sara Goodman sara.goodman@genus.lu.se in order to receive notification of when this call is open.

The doctoral position will be in the area of “Gender, identities and new technologies”. The doctoral candidate will be part of a research environment engaged in the complexities of contemporary cultural identities more generally, and particularly on the role of new identity technologies in the creation and reconfiguration of these identities. Central to the environment is the exploration of the relationship between new technologies, gender, and identities. The candidate could investigate identity technologies and their connections to various forms of community formation, such as diasporic communities and/or social movements with a social justice agenda.

Theoretical fields and research arenas include gender studies, new media studies, cultural studies, autobiography studies, and then, depending on direction taken, diaspora/transnational theory, feminist and social movement theory.

Applicants with a strong background in Gender Studies and/or Sociology are especially encouraged to apply.