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Confronting gendered violence: Focus on perpetrators

Datum: 2016-11-30 - 2016-12-02
Plats: Helsinki
Arrangör: Nordic Council of Ministers
Typ: Conference

Confronting gendered violence: Focus on perpetrators

We want to bring together all major players within this field in the Nordic countries. The goal is to share lessons and learn about solutions and approaches applied within and between countries. While the overarching theme remains perpetrators of domestic violence, specific attention will be paid to three spheres:

• Treatment options for perpetrators
Options and approaches to treatment for perpetrators differ between countries. The intent is to identify the successes and opportunities of current treatment options, as well as the interactions between different approaches to therapy and modes of correction

• Research on perpetrators
This includes new and ongoing research which pertain to perpetrators, their perceptions and interactions with actors within the public and private systems in the Nordic countries

• Social frameworks and support systems for perpetrators
The focus is shifted towards the social frameworks and support systems for perpetrators. Which projects are ongoing in the Nordic countries, how and where do screenings take place, how do public and private institutions (judicial system, law enforcement, health institutes and social care systems) intervene, interact and work towards a holistic approach?

Hashtags: #ConfrontGV #IntimatePartnerViolence #GenderedViolence