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Conference on Gender and Love

Datum: 2015-09-20 - 2015-09-22
Plats: Oxford
Arrangör: Inter-Disciplinary.Net
Typ: Conference

Conference on Gender and Love

The project's central questions are:

How do interactions of gender and love promote particular performances of gender and sexuality; conceptions of individual and collective identity; formations of community; notions of the human; and moral attitudes to other human beings, animals, the non- or post-human, and the environment?

Papers, performances, presentations, reports, works-in-progress, and workshops are invited.

In 2015, and adding to our general issues, we are particularly interested in exploring and understanding gender and love from a global perspective. Does globalization affect transformations of intimacy; gendered yearnings, and bonding strategies? Do global concerns set new contexts for enacting the politics of gender and love, maybe leading to increased tolerance of sexual and kinship diversity?