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CGF Seminar - Trans bodies, affects and vulnerability (Double seminar)

Datum: 2018-04-11
Tid: 15:00-16:45
Plats: Karlstad
Arrangör: Centre for Gender Studies, Karlstad University
Typ: Seminar

CGF Seminar - Trans bodies, affects and vulnerability (Double seminar)

Pink-black block activism, vulnerability and trans politics

My paper addresses notions of radical vulnerability, emotions and experiences within pink-black blocks as well as wider grassroot activism. I am asking what does activism feel like, what inspires action and how can we use notions such as love, rage and vulnerability in our work as activists but also as scholars. I am approaching my material within the theoretical frame of trans studies, and discussing my questions through and with interviewees from different anarchofeminist projects and collectives. The seminar will be based on a circulated text. Please contact me if you wish to attend and receive the text:

Toxic matter. Anthropocentric affects and trans bodies in art and film

Following Malin Ah-King and Eva Hayward’s problematisation of the “politics of purity” I will investigate in this talk discourses on toxicity, the history of transgender bodies as ‘impure’ and the linkages between ecological affects and ethics of response-ability (Haraway) in the Anthropocene. By wondering how trans bodies in particular will be and are affected by the environmental crisis and climate change I trace how the intersection of ecology and trans bodies is interrogated in art and film