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13th Women's Worlds Congress

Datum: 2016-07-30 - 2016-08-04
Plats: Florianópolis
Typ: Conference

13th Women's Worlds Congress

Why should you participate? Because this will be a unique opportunity of bringing together experiences, researches, and voices around the world about women and gender issues. This will be the first time the WW conference will be hosted in South America.

Outreach is underway to draw a rich cross-section of people into the conversation - from academics to activists, from researchers to policy-makers. In the time to come, we will build support and capacity across South America and around the world to ensure access to participation.

Don’t miss this convergence of academia and activism, where a diversity of minds and experiences will delve into some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Transformations, connections, displacements

The 21st-century world we live in is connected. What happens is places considered distant for the reality of yore, now affects us very closely through the Internet and several types of networks constructed, transformed, and displaced. Feminisms, discourses, and practices consisting of women's lives all over the world circulate, transform, and are appropriated by several groups with diverse agencies. At the same time, the forms of violence against women seem to multiply and connect with other violences: racisms, fundamentalisms, lesbo- or homophobias, poverty, environmental degradation. Upraises, movements, and marches constitute themselves within this trans-national space marked by migration, exile - and also communication.

In this 13th Women's Worlds and Fazendo Gênero 11 we want to create an unique space for dialogue, exchange, and possibilities to form transnational networks, placing gender and feminist perspectives in the centre of the discussion on these contemporary worlds. This discussion intends to include and connect academic debate with the perspectives of activists, managers and other social subjects, proposing a broad space marked by several types of presentations, forums, and opportunities for exchange.

WW/FG 2017 is a chance to shore up our collective wisdom to tackle a wide range of issues as they relate to women, including violence against women, health, education, poverty, security, spirituality/theology, culture/arts, war/conflict/peace, (im)migration, environment, economics, employment, political representation, sexualities, and rights.

Exchange to inspire change

With registration expected to exceed 4,000 participants, WW/FG 2017 will be a stimulating environment for the lively exchange of ideas. Discussion will be fostered in traditional and alternative ways - from panels to ‘open’ spaces, from round tables to cultural events.

By coming together in this manner, in these numbers, we will convey a powerful message about the future of feminism. In doing so, we can inspire each other and the world to create change.

UFSC and Florianópolis welcome you

Florianópolis is a city on an island. The Santa Catarina state capital, in southern Brazil, is a touristic city surrounded by beautiful beaches and landscapes, although it is located close to the great centres in Brazil, as well as of the Southern American Cone. Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina has a gender studies institute (Instituto de Estudos de Gênero - IEG), one of the main centres for study on women, feminisms, genders, and sexualities in Brazil. Since 1994, we have promoted a biennial event named Fazendo Gênero (www.fazendogenero.ufsc.br) and since 1999 we have a gender studies journal (Revista Estudos Feministas, at www.scielo.br/ref).

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